a system of shared assumptions, beliefs, values, patterns and behaviors which govern how people behave, perform and affect a team or organization.

Who Can Benefit.

In your Leadership role:

• Can you succinctly describe the personality of your Team or Company?
• Are you aware of the invisible forces in the undercurrents of your organizational culture that might be impacting the behavior, attitudes, alignment and productivity of your team members?
• Would you like to identify ways you might provide more support for your team’s well-being, happiness, and success?

How It Works.

Benchmark’s consultants utilize a variety of data collection methods in the Culture Discovery that may focus on:

• roles & responsibilities
• leadership competencies
• operational and process procedures
• effective and respectful communication
• values, attitudes and behaviors

As the Leader, we work closely with you to customize the delivery method to minimize the time and energy investment required by you and your team members. Post-discovery, Benchmark will collate the data, provide a summary report and review the results and recommendations with the Leader.

Get started with the First Step.

If you are the Leader of your team or company – and would like to learn more, please contact Deborah Madary at 630.645.2270 or . We look forward to supporting you!

Click the arrow to hear Deborah Madary, President of Benchmark Consulting Group, Inc. share a brief excerpt of one Leader’s story. (taken from Benchmark’s Introduction to Our Services CD available Free upon request.)